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Module Netcompression

module Netcompression: sig .. end

Registry for compression algorithms

This registry is initially empty. The Netgzip module can be used to register the gzip algorithm, just run


to get this effect.

val register : iana_name:string ->
?encoder:(unit -> Netchannels.io_obj_channel) ->
?decoder:(unit -> Netchannels.io_obj_channel) -> unit -> unit

Registers a compression algorithm. The algorithm is given as a pair of functions returning Netchannels.io_obj_channel.

val lookup_encoder : iana_name:string -> unit -> Netchannels.io_obj_channel

Returns the encoder, or raises Not_found

val lookup_decoder : iana_name:string -> unit -> Netchannels.io_obj_channel

Returns the decoder, or raises Not_found

val all_encoders : unit -> string list
val all_decoders : unit -> string list

The iana names of all encoders and decoders, resp.

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