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Class type Netglob.glob_fsys

class type glob_fsys = object .. end

Filesystem primitives. This is intentionally not the same as Netfs.stream_fs because only a few access functions are needed here, and because the functions here should also be capable of accessing relative paths (not starting with /). It is possible to turn a Netfs.stream_fs into Netglob.glob_fs by calling Netglob.of_stream_fs.

method path_encoding : Netconversion.encoding option

Paths of filesystems may be encoded

method read_dir : string -> string list

Returns the file names contained in the directory, without path. The names "." and ".." should be returned. It is acceptable to return the empty list for an unreadable directory.

method file_is_dir : string -> bool

Whether the file name is valid and a directory, or a symlink to a directory.

method file_exists : string -> bool

Whether the file name is valid and refers to an existing file, or to a symlink pointing to an existing file.

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