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Module Netgss.System

module System: Netsys_gssapi.GSSAPI 

This is the system-wide version of GSSAPI

The General Security Services API

See also Netsys_gssapi for additional type definitions

type credential 

A credential is opaque for the caller of the GSS-API. The provider of the GSS-API can emit new credential objects, and hand them out to the caller.

type context 

A context is also opaque.

type name 

A name is also opaque


There are no defined exceptions for reporting errors.

Errors should be reported using the major_status and minor_status codes as much as possible.

Invalid_argument may be raised for clear violations of calling requirements, e.g. when an opaque object is passed to this interface that was not returned by it before.

The following three exceptions can be used to wrap the per-GSSAPI types credential, context, and name:

exception Credential of credential
exception Context of context
exception Name of name


class type gss_api = [[credential, name
, context]]

The methods have generally a type of the form

val interface : gss_api
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