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Class type Nethttp_client.key_handler

class type key_handler = object .. end

method inquire_key : domain:Neturl.url option -> realm:string -> auth:string -> key

The method is called when a new session must be authenticated. The domain is the URI from the request. URIs must have the form "http://host:port/path", i.e. the port is always written out. If the request doesn't have a URI, or if the request is directed to a proxy, domain will be None. The realm parameter is the realm identifier. In auth the name of the authentication method is passed (lowercase characters). The method must search (or interactively ask for) a key, and return it. The key must refer to one of the passed realms. If the method raises Not_found, authentication will fail.

method invalidate_key : key -> unit

The handler is notified that authentication failed for this key

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