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Class type Nethttp_client_conncache.connection_cache

class type connection_cache = object .. end

method get_connection_state : Unix.file_descr -> conn_state

Returns the state of the file descriptor, or raises Not_found

method set_connection_state : Unix.file_descr ->
peer -> conn_state -> unit

Sets the state of the file descriptor. It is allowed that inactive descriptors are simply closed and forgotten. It is also possible that this method raises Not_found, leaving it to the caller to close the connection.

method find_inactive_connection : peer ->
transport_layer_id ->
Unix.file_descr * inactive_data

Returns an inactive connection to the passed peer, or raise Not_found. Since Ocamlnet-3.3, the required transport ID is also an argument of this method. Since Ocamlnet-4, the inactive_data record is also returned.

method find_my_connections : <  > -> Unix.file_descr list

Returns all active connections owned by the object

method close_connection : Unix.file_descr -> unit

Deletes the connection from the cache, and closes it

method close_all : unit -> unit

Closes all descriptors known to the cache

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