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Module Netmcore_ref

module Netmcore_ref: sig .. end

Shared mutable variables

type 't sref 
type 't sref_descr 

The marshallable descriptor of a reference

val sref : Netmcore.res_id -> 't -> 't sref

The shared version of ref: Creates a mutable shared variable in the given memory pool

val assign : 't sref -> 't -> unit

assign sr x: Sets the contents of sr to a deep copy of x. While performing the assignment the heap is write-locked, and no other assign can run.

val deref_ro : 't sref -> 't

Dereferences the variable and returns the contents, comparable to !. Note that this returns a value that lives in shared memory, and there is no guarantee that this value still exists if assign operations are done in parallel, and old version are garbage-collected. If such values are accessed the program may crash!

val deref_p : 't sref -> ('t -> 'a) -> 'a

deref_p sr f: Runs f with the contents of sr, and returns the result of f. While f is being executed, the current contents are specially protected so that they cannot be garbage collected, even if a parallel assign changes the current value of the variable. (Suffix "_p" = pinning version.)

val deref_c : 't sref -> 't

deref_c sr: Returns a copy of the contents of sr. The copy is created in normal memory. (Suffix "_c" = copying version.)

val heap : 't sref -> Stdlib.Obj.t Netmcore_heap.heap

Returns the backing heap structure

val descr_of_sref : 't sref -> 't sref_descr

Returns the descriptor

val sref_of_descr : Netmcore.res_id -> 't sref_descr -> 't sref

Look up the reference for this descriptor

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