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Module Netplex_config

module Netplex_config: sig .. end

Read the configuration file

exception Config_error of string
val read_config_file : string -> Netplex_types.config_file

Reads a filename and returns the representation object

val repr_config_file : string -> Netplex_types.config_tree -> Netplex_types.config_file

repr_config_file name tree: converts the tree to a full config_file object. name is the filename reported by the object.

val read_netplex_config : Netplex_types.parallelization_type ->
Netplex_types.logger_factory list ->
Netplex_types.workload_manager_factory list ->
Netplex_types.processor_factory list ->
Netplex_types.config_file -> Netplex_types.netplex_config

Reads a Netplex configuration file:

 netplex {

The configuration options are now documented in Netplex_admin.

More documentation: See Netplex_intro.webserver for a complete example of a config file. See Netplex_intro.crsock for explanations how to specify sockets in the config file.

val read_tls_config : ?verify:((module Netsys_crypto_types.TLS_ENDPOINT) -> bool -> bool -> bool) ->
Netplex_types.config_file ->
Netplex_types.address ->
(module Netsys_crypto_types.TLS_PROVIDER) option ->
(module Netsys_crypto_types.TLS_CONFIG) option

Reads the TLS section of a configuration file: At the passed location there must be tls section (or None is returned).

The TLS options are now documented in Configuring TLS.

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