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Class type Netplex_types.processor

class type processor = object .. end

The processor is the object that is notified when a new TCP connection is accepted. The processor has to include the protocol interpreter that reads and write data on this connection. See Netplex_intro.defproc for an example how to define a processor.

method process : when_done:(unit -> unit) ->
container -> Unix.file_descr -> string -> unit

A user-supplied function that is called when a new socket connection is established. The function can now process the requests arriving over the connection. It is allowed to use the event system of the container, and to return immediately (multiplexing processor). It is also allowed to process the requests synchronously and to first return to the caller when the connection is terminated.

The function must call when_done to indicate that it processed this connection completely.

The string argument is the protocol name.

method supported_ptypes : parallelization_type list

The supported parallelization types

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