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Module Netsys_sasl.Client

module Client: sig .. end

type session 
val create_session : mech:Netsys_sasl.sasl_mechanism ->
user:string ->
authz:string ->
creds:Netsys_sasl.credentials ->
params:(string * string * bool) list -> unit -> session

The new client session authenticate as user and authorizes as authz (empty string if not applicable). The credentials are creds.

user and authz must be encoded in UTF-8.

The parameters are given as list (name,value,critical). Critical parameters must be interpreted by the mechanism, and unknown critical parameters must be rejected by a Failure exception. Non-critical parameters are ignored if they are unknown to the mechanism.

val state : session -> Netsys_sasl_types.client_state

report the state (whether expecting challenges or responding)

val configure_channel_binding : session ->
Netsys_sasl_types.cb -> session

Configure GS2-style channel binding

val restart : session -> session

Restart the session for another authentication round. The session must be in state `OK.

val process_challenge : session -> string -> session

Process the challenge from the server. The state must be `Wait. As an exception, this function can also be called for the initial challenge from the server, even if the state is `Emit.

val emit_response : session -> session * string

Emit a new response. The state must be `Emit.

val channel_binding : session -> Netsys_sasl_types.cb

Whether the client suggests or demands channel binding

val user_name : session -> string

The user name

val authz_name : session -> string

The authorization name

val stash_session : session -> string

Serializes the session as string

val resume_session : Netsys_sasl.sasl_mechanism -> string -> session

Unserializes the session

val session_id : session -> string option

Optionally return a string that can be used to identify the client session. Not all mechanisms support this.

val prop : session -> string -> string

Get a mechanism-specific property of the session. E.g. this can be the "realm" sent by the server.

val gssapi_props : session -> Netsys_gssapi.client_props

Get the GSSAPI props, or raise Not_found

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