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Class type Netx509.directory_name

class type directory_name = object .. end

Directory names are also known as distinguished names. These are the o=foo,ou=foounit,c=country strings that are used to name certificates.

method name : (oid * Netasn1.Value.value) list list

This is the raw version of the DN: a sequence of relative DNs, and a relative DN is a set of (type,value) pairs. The types are things like cn, country, organization, ...

method eq_name : (oid * Netasn1.Value.value) list list

The name normalized for equality comparisons. In particular, PrintableString values are converted to uppercase, as well as emailAddress attributes. Also, the inner list is sorted by oid.

method string : string

The DN as string (RFC 4514)

method eq_string : string

The eq_name converted to string

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