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Module Netx509_pubkey.Encryption

module Encryption: sig .. end

These algorithms are used for encryption/decryption

val rsa : Netx509_pubkey.encrypt_alg

alias RSAES-PKCS1-v1_5

val rsaes_oaep : hash_function:Netx509_pubkey.hash_function ->
maskgen_function:Netx509_pubkey.maskgen_function ->
psource_function:string -> Netx509_pubkey.encrypt_alg


val catalog : (string * string list * Netx509_pubkey.encrypt_alg * Netx509_pubkey.oid) list

(name, aliases, oid, pubkey_oid)

val encrypt_alg_of_pubkey : Netx509_pubkey.pubkey -> Netx509_pubkey.encrypt_alg

Normally use the algorithm that is present in the public key

val alg_id_of_encrypt_alg : Netx509_pubkey.encrypt_alg -> Netx509_pubkey.alg_id

Get the alg_id of an encryption alg

val key_oid_of_encrypt_alg : Netx509_pubkey.encrypt_alg -> Netx509_pubkey.oid

The OID public keys need to have

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