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Module Netx509_pubkey_crypto

module Netx509_pubkey_crypto: sig .. end

X.509 public key cryptography - wrappers

This module uses the current cryptography provider to actually run operations.

Note that typically not all encryption and signing schemes are implemented. For instance, GnuTLS only provides those schemes that are needed for TLS (so far RSA for encryption, and RSA/DSA/ECDSA for signing). Also note that we require GnuTLS-3.0 or newer for public key cryptography.

exception Unsupported_algorithm of Netoid.t

Raises if the crypto backend does not support an algorithm

val is_encryption_supported : Netx509_pubkey.encrypt_alg -> bool

Whether this algorithm is supported

val is_signing_supported : Netx509_pubkey.sign_alg -> bool

Whether this algorithm is supported

val encrypt : Netx509_pubkey.encrypt_alg -> Netx509_pubkey.pubkey -> string -> string

Encrypt the string.

Note that length restrictions apply, depending on the algorithm and the bit size of the key. For instance, with a 2048-bit RSA key you can at most encrypt 245 bytes.

val decrypt : Netx509_pubkey.encrypt_alg -> Netx509_pubkey.privkey -> string -> string

Decrypt the string

val verify : Netx509_pubkey.sign_alg -> Netx509_pubkey.pubkey -> string -> string -> bool

verify alg key plaintext signature: Checks the signature, and returns true on success.

val sign : Netx509_pubkey.sign_alg -> Netx509_pubkey.privkey -> string -> string

let signature = sign alg key plaintext: Creates a signature.

Unlike for encryption there is no length restriction.

Example: Using RSA for encryption

First create RSA keys:

openssl genrsa -out rsa.key 2048
openssl rsa -in rsa.key -pubout -out

Read the keys in:

let priv_ch = Netchannels.input_channel(open_in "rsa.key")
let priv = Netx509_pubkey.read_privkey_from_pem priv_ch
let () = priv_ch#close_in()

let pub_ch = Netchannels.input_channel(open_in "")
let pub = Netx509_pubkey.read_pubkey_from_pem pub_ch
let () = pub_ch#close_in()

Encrypt something:

let () = Nettls_gnutls.init()
let e = encrypt Netx509_pubkey.Encryption.rsa pub "secret"


let d = decrypt Netx509_pubkey.Encryption.rsa priv e

Note that encryption with public keys is restricted to very short messages (e.g. 245 bytes for a 2048 bits RSA key). Typically, only a random second key is encrypted, and the second key is used with a symmetric cipher.

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