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Class type Rpc_server.auth_method

class type auth_method = object .. end

method name : string

The name of the authentication method

method flavors : string list

Which credential flavors are handled by this method

method peek : auth_peeker

If available, this function is called for every accepted connection. It may return the user name. Notes:

  • peeked user names override authenticate
  • peek is only called once after the stream connection has been accepted
method authenticate : t ->
connection_id ->
auth_details -> (auth_result -> unit) -> unit

authenticate srv conn_id details f: This method is called when a remote call has arrived. Its task is to determine the client user and pass the user name (and the verifier) back. If the user cannot be authenticated, the call must be rejected. When the method has done the authentication, it calls the passed function f with the auth_result. This function can be called immediately or asynchronously.

Changed in Ocamlnet-3.3: the arguments program, version, procedure, and xid are new. Added new auth_result of Auth_reply.

method invalidate_connection : connection_id -> unit

Removes all auth sessions for this connection

method invalidate : unit -> unit

Remove all auth sessions

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