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Module Uq_gtk

module Uq_gtk: sig .. end

Integration with lablgtk/lablgtk2 event systems

This module provides integration of Unixqueue event systems with the Glib event queue (and, as a consequence, with the lablgtk event queue).

There are two flavours of this module, both named Uq_gtk, and with identical interfaces, but one is used with lablgtk, and one with lablgtk2. Compile with

 ocamlfind ... -package equeue-gtk1 ... 

to get the variant for lablgtk, and compile with

 ocamlfind ... -package equeue-gtk2 ... 

to get the variant for lablgtk2.

OPAM users: Note that the OPAM package for OCamlnet does not build with lablgtk support by default. The trigger for this is the presence of the lablgtk OPAM package, i.e. do opam install lablgtk to include equeue-gtk2 in a rebuild. (There is no lablgtk-1 anymore in OPAM.)

type runner = Unixqueue.event_system -> (unit -> unit) -> unit 
class gtk_event_system : ?run:runner -> unit -> Unixqueue.event_system

This class is an alternate implementation of the Unixqueue event systems for the Glib event loop.

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