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Class type Nn_state.inode_view_t

class type inode_view_t = object .. end
method as_owner : owner
The owner tuple used by this view

inode access

method inode_get_e : id:int64 -> Pfs_rpcapi_aux.inodeinfo option Uq_engines.engine
method inode_get_with_lock_e : id:int64 -> Pfs_rpcapi_aux.inodeinfo option Uq_engines.engine
like inode_get_e but immediately acquires a write lock for the inode
method inode_alloc_e : Pfs_rpcapi_aux.inodeinfo -> int64 Uq_engines.engine
Inserts a new inode and returns the ID. One cannot set the blocklimit (it is always 0)
method inode_upd_e : id:int64 ->
keep_blocklimit:bool ->
permission:(Pfs_rpcapi_aux.inodeinfo -> errno option) ->
Pfs_rpcapi_aux.inodeinfo -> unit Uq_engines.engine
Updates the inode. Note that an update of blocklimit is only allowed if keep_blocklimit=false. filetype changes are silently ignored.

permission: may indicate an error. This function is called with the previous version of inodeinfo.

method inode_dealloc_e : id:int64 -> unit Uq_engines.engine
deletes the inode. precondition: there must not be any filenames pointing to id. This is not checked, however.
method inode_get_blocks_e : id:int64 ->
blkidx:int64 ->
len:int64 ->
pin_flag:bool ->
bm_view_t -> Nn_blocklist.blocklist Uq_engines.engine
returns blocks. These blocks are immediately marked as to pin in the blockmap (if pin_flag)
method inode_upd_blocks_e : id:int64 ->
del:int64 * int64 ->
add:Nn_blocklist.blocklist ->
set_mtime:bool ->
set_blocklimit:int64 ->
permission:(Pfs_rpcapi_aux.inodeinfo -> errno option) ->
unit Uq_engines.engine
First delete the blocks in the del range, then add the blocks from add.

If set_mtime, sets the mtime fields in inodeinfo to the server time.

set_blocklimit: the new blocklimit field in inodeinfo.

permission: may indicate an error. This function is called with the previous version of inodeinfo.

method allocinfo_get_e : id:int64 -> Nn_db.allocinfo list Uq_engines.engine
Gets the allocinfo list for this inode
method inode_upd_time : id:int64 ->
mtime:Pfs_rpcapi_aux.time option -> ctime:Pfs_rpcapi_aux.time option -> unit
This update of mtime/ctime is lock-free


For simplicity, the filename access is also defined here. Inodes and filenames interact with each other to some extent, and it is important that inode and filename operations are executed in the right order with respect to each other.

method filename_get_e : dir_inode:int64 -> name:string -> int64 option Uq_engines.engine
Returns the inode of the member name of directory dir_inode
method filename_rev_get_e : inode:int64 -> (int64 * string) list Uq_engines.engine
filename_rev_get does not acquire locks. Returns [] for inode=1
method filename_rev_get_dir_e : inode:int64 -> (int64 * string * (unit -> unit)) Uq_engines.engine
Works only for directories, and obtains an existence lock for the directory. May ECONFLICT.

The return value is (parent_dir_inode, dir_name, unlock)

For inode=1, the value is (1,"/",unlock).

method filename_parent_dir_e : inode:int64 -> int64 option Uq_engines.engine
Returns the parent directory
method filename_count_e : inode:int64 -> int Uq_engines.engine
The count is the number of names for an inode (same as length of list returned by filename_rev_get_e)
method filename_list_e : dir_inode:int64 -> (string * int64) list Uq_engines.engine
Lists subnames of a potential directory name, together with inodes
method filename_link_e : dir_inode:int64 -> name:string -> inode:int64 -> unit Uq_engines.engine
adds this filename. It is checked that the filename does not exist before the addition. Also the parent must exist, and have the type "directory". The parent must have a name. If the linked inode is a directory itself, it is checked that there is no other name for it yet.
method filename_unlink_e : dir_inode:int64 ->
name:string -> owner_restr:string option -> unit Uq_engines.engine
deletes this filename from this directory. If owner_restr is passed, it is required that the inode is owned by this user (or EPERM)
method filename_rename_e : from_dir_inode:int64 ->
from_name:string ->
to_dir_inode:int64 ->
to_name:string -> owner_restr:string option -> unit Uq_engines.engine
method delayed_inode_deletes : int64 list
Inodes to be deleted at the end of the transaction. If owner_restr is passed, it is required that the inode is owned by this user (or EPERM)
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