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Module Plasma_blocks

module Plasma_blocks: sig .. end
Helpers for analyzing blocklists

module StrMap: Map.S  with type key = string

type brange = {
   br_index : int64; (*the range starts at this index*)
   br_length : int64; (*... and includes this number of blocks*)
   br_datanodes : int64 StrMap.t; (*maps dn identity to start block*)
module Brange: Plasma_util.Mergable  with type key=int64 and type t=brange
block ranges can be merged and split
module Bset: Plasma_util.RangeMapType  with type point=int64 and type value=brange
a set of block ranges
val bset_of_blocklist : Plasma_rpcapi_aux.blockinfo list -> Bset.t
Converts a normal blocklist into a set of block ranges
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