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Class type Plasma_inodecache.lazy_transaction

class type lazy_transaction = object .. end
A lazy transaction is started the first time get_tid_e is called. The following invocations of get_tid_e return the same ID. By calling release_e the ID is revoked - usually this means the transaction is aborted, but it can also be a no-op.

get_ii_e inode force_flag returns the inodeinfo for this transaction (or requests it). This can be a cached version if force_flag=false. If force_flag=true, the newest inodeinfo is requested from the server.

invalidate_ii is called when the user updates inodeinfos. It is called for uncomitted changes. This may be a good time for removing it from caches.

snapshot means that this is actually a snapshot transaction.

method get_tid_e : unit -> int64 Uq_engines.engine
method get_ii_e : int64 -> bool -> Plasma_rpcapi_aux.inodeinfo Uq_engines.engine
method invalidate_ii : int64 -> unit
method release_e : unit -> unit Uq_engines.engine
method snapshot : bool
method event_system : Unixqueue.event_system
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