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Module Plasma_netfs

module Plasma_netfs: sig .. end
Accessing PlasmaFS via the Netfs.stream_fs interface

class netfs : ?repl:int -> ?verbose:bool -> Plasma_client.plasma_cluster -> Netfs.stream_fs
val netfs : ?repl:int -> ?verbose:bool -> Plasma_client.plasma_cluster -> Netfs.stream_fs
Access this cluster with the stream_fs interface:

  • read and write are fully implemented, and always use streaming mode. The I/O bases on the buffered access layer provided by Plasma_client, and so it is a good idea to configure some number of buffers to use, with Plasma_client.configure_buffer.

  • repl: The replication factor for new files. Defaults to 0, i.e. to the server default.
  • verbose: Whether to output progress messages to stderr for all metadata modifications. Defaults to false. (This exists for the command-line utility plasma.)

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