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Class type Nn_state.ds_view_t

class type ds_view_t = object .. end
View on datastore state
method datastore_new_id_e : unit -> int Uq_engines.engine
The secret random number used for securing transactional writes

Allocates a new identifier for use in the datastore table

method datastore_list_e : unit -> Nn_datastores.datastore list Uq_engines.engine
Get the contents of the datastore table
method datastore_upd_e : id:int ->
identity:string -> size:int64 -> enabled:bool -> unit Uq_engines.engine
Change the row in datastore identified by id so that the fields identity, size, and enabled are updated.
method datastore_del_e : id:int -> unit Uq_engines.engine
Delete this row in the datastore table
method admin_table_put_e : key:string -> contents:string -> unit Uq_engines.engine
Write an admin table (this does not fit anywhere else)
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