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Class Pxp_reader.lookup_public_id_as_file

class lookup_public_id_as_file : ?fixenc:Pxp_types.encoding -> (string * string) list -> resolver
Makes a resolver for PUBLIC identifiers. The list (catalog) argument specifies pairs (pubid, filename) mapping PUBLIC identifiers to filenames. The filenames must already be encoded in the character set the system uses for filenames.

There is a restriction of this catalog class: After a PUBLIC entity has been opened, it is not possible to refer to sub entities by relative SYSTEM names, even if the PUBLIC name is accompanied by a resovable system name like in Public(pubid,sysid). Workaround: Use lookup_id instead, and put the complete Public(pubid,sysid) ID's into the catalog.

fixenc: Overrides the encoding of the file contents. By default, the standard rule is applied to find out the encoding of the file.

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