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Class Pxp_dtd.proc_instruction

class proc_instruction : string -> string -> Pxp_core_types.I.rep_encoding -> object .. end
A single processing instruction occuring in DTD scope. This instruction can also be added to the DTD object, Creation:
 new proc_instruction a_target a_value 
creates a new proc_instruction object with the given target string and the given value string. Note: A processing instruction is written as <?target value?> .

method target : string
method value : string
method encoding : Pxp_core_types.I.rep_encoding
method parse_pxp_option : string * string * (string * string) list
Parses a PI containing a PXP option. Such PIs are formed like:
 <?target option-name option-att="value" option-att="value" ... ?> 
The method returns a triple
 (target, option-name, [option-att, value; ...]) 
or raises Error.
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