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Class type Webdav_client_methods.response_t

class type response_t = object .. end
Information about the response status per path

method href : string list
The URLs this response refers to. The list is non-empty. For propfind responses the length is always 1. URLs should be ASCII only.
method paths : string list
The paths corresponding to the URLs in href
method status : Webdav_http.webdav_status
method status_code : int
method status_text : string
method status_protocol : string
These four methods reflect the status indicated for the URL. If no status is found (as in responses for PROPFIND), the status is reported as "200 OK".
method propstat : propstat_t list
The properties requested via PROPFIND
method prop_creationdate : float option
method prop_displayname : string option
method prop_getcontentlanguage : string option
method prop_getcontentlength : int64 option
method prop_getcontenttype : string option
method prop_getcontenttype_decoded : (string * (string * string) list) option
method prop_getetag : string option
method prop_getetag_decoded : Nethttp.etag option
method prop_getlastmodified : float option
method prop_resourcetype_is_collection : bool option
Returns the value of the standard property if set. For some properties there are versions returning raw and decoded values.
method find_prop : string -> property * propstat_t
Return the named property and the propstat data, or raise Not_found. The name is the qualified XML name after prefix normalization (e.g. "DAV:creationdate").
method error : prepost_code list
Additional error tokens
method responsedescription : string
User information. Empty if not found in the response
method location : string option
The destination URL for redirects (status = 3xx). Should be ASCII
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