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Module Webdav_http.Header

module Header: sig .. end
This module contains extensions of Nethttp.Header for parsing and setting header fields of WebDAV requests and responses.

For non-existing fields Not_found is raised. In case of unparseable fields Nethttp.Bad_header_field is raised. For wrong input argument for set_* functions Invalid_argument is raised.

val get_dav : #Nethttp.http_header_ro -> Webdav_http.dav list
val set_dav : #Nethttp.http_header -> Webdav_http.dav list -> unit
val get_depth : #Nethttp.http_header_ro -> Webdav_http.depth
val set_depth : #Nethttp.http_header -> Webdav_http.depth -> unit
val get_destination : #Nethttp.http_header_ro -> string
val set_destination : #Nethttp.http_header -> string -> unit
val get_overwrite : #Nethttp.http_header_ro -> bool
val set_overwrite : #Nethttp.http_header -> bool -> unit
val get_if : #Nethttp.http_header_ro -> Webdav_http.if_condition
val set_if : #Nethttp.http_header -> Webdav_http.if_condition -> unit
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