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Module Netamqp_transport

module Netamqp_transport: sig .. end
Low-level AMQP transporters

type 't result = [ `Error of exn | `Ok of 't ] 
type 't result_eof = [ `End_of_file | `Error of exn | `Ok of 't ] 
type sockaddr = [ `Implied | `Sockaddr of Unix.sockaddr ] 
val string_of_sockaddr : sockaddr -> string
Convert to string, for debugging purposes
exception Error of string
Passed back as `Error. Such errors are fatal.
class type amqp_multiplex_controller = object .. end
val tcp_amqp_multiplex_controller : ?close_inactive_descr:bool ->
?preclose:(unit -> unit) ->
?tls_config:(module Netsys_crypto_types.TLS_CONFIG) * string option ->
Unix.file_descr ->
Unixqueue.event_system -> amqp_multiplex_controller
The multiplex controller for stream encapsulation

  • close_inactive_descr: If true, the descriptor is closed when inactivated
  • preclose: This function is called just before the descriptor is closed.
  • tls_config:(config,hostname): If set, a TLS connection is created using config. The hostname is the name of the server (for checking the name in the certificate).


module Debug: sig .. end
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