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Module Netamqp_types

module Netamqp_types: sig .. end
General types for AMQP


type channel = int 
AMQP channels have numbers 0-65535. Channel 0 has a special function
type transport_type = [ `TCP | `TLS ] 
type frame_type = [ `Body | `Header | `Heartbeat | `Method | `Proto_header ] 
type frame = {
   frame_type : frame_type;
   frame_channel : channel;
   frame_payload : Netxdr_mstring.mstring list;
A frame is the transport unit on the wire.

The frame_payload may be based on strings or bigarrays. The current implementation will always use the string-based representation for received frames ( - in the future this might become configurable). For sent frames both representations are supported equally well.

For a type `Proto_header, the payload consists of the three bytes describing the protocol version (major version, minor version, revision).

exception Decode_error of string
Cannot decode data from the server
exception Encode_error of string
Cannot encode a message to the binary format
exception Not_connected
The endpoint is not in `Connected state and cannot accept new requests
exception Timeout
Sync calls get timeout
exception Method_dropped
The channel or connection is now down, and the method cannot be continued
exception Unexpected_eof
Got an EOF from the server but was not expecting it
exception Method_cannot_be_dispatched of channel * string
No handler is defined for this
exception Unexpected_frame of frame
This type of frame is unexpected now
exception Method_exception of string * int * string
An exception token wrapped as connection.close or channel.close method

First arg: name of method

exception Protocol_is_not_supported
The server does not support our protocol version
exception Protocol_violation of string
A violation of the protocol (invalid sequence of methods)
val string_of_frame_type : frame_type -> string
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