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abort_and_propagate_error [Netamqp_endpoint]
The endpoint is aborted and set to the `Error state.
ack_e [Netamqp_basic]
ack_s [Netamqp_basic]
Acknowledges the delivery of the message identified by delivery_tag.
amq_direct [Netamqp_exchange]
amq_fanout [Netamqp_exchange]
amq_match [Netamqp_exchange]
The four standard exchanges.
amq_topic [Netamqp_exchange]
announce_e [Netamqp_endpoint]
announce_s [Netamqp_endpoint]
Sends the protocol header, and waits until the response arrives.
async_c2s [Netamqp_endpoint]
Asynchronous calls from the client: This function just sends the given method to the server.
async_c2s_e [Netamqp_endpoint]
async_c2s_s [Netamqp_endpoint]
These versions of async_c2s return first when the message is passed to the socket.

bind_e [Netamqp_queue]
bind_s [Netamqp_queue]
Bind a queue to an exchange, and set the routing key.

cancel_e [Netamqp_basic]
cancel_s [Netamqp_basic]
Cancels the consumer identified by consumer_tag.
clear_output [Netamqp_endpoint]
Remove any frames from output queues
close_e [Netamqp_channel]
Closes the channel.
close_e [Netamqp_connection]
close_s [Netamqp_channel]
Same as synchronous call
close_s [Netamqp_connection]
Request client side closure.
commit_e [Netamqp_tx]
commit_s [Netamqp_tx]
Commits the current transaction and starts a new one
configure_sync_timeout [Netamqp_channel]
Configure the timeout for synchronous request/response methods.
configure_timeout [Netamqp_endpoint]
Configures the transport-level timeout.
connect [Netamqp_endpoint]
Triggers the connect to the server.
connection [Netamqp_channel]
Return the connection the channel uses
consume_e [Netamqp_basic]
consume_s [Netamqp_basic]
This method asks the server to start a "consumer", which is a transient request for messages from a specific queue.
content_method_types [Netamqp_methods_0_9]
create [Netamqp_connection]
Create the connection management object for the endpoint.
create [Netamqp_endpoint]
Creates a new endpoint which is initially `Off.
create_message [Netamqp_basic]
Creates a new message.
create_method_exception [Netamqp_endpoint]
Returns a Method_exception

declare_e [Netamqp_queue]
declare_e [Netamqp_exchange]
declare_passively_e [Netamqp_queue]
declare_passively_e [Netamqp_exchange]
declare_passively_s [Netamqp_queue]
Check whether a queue with the given queue_name exists, and raise a channel error if not.
declare_passively_s [Netamqp_exchange]
Check whether an exchange with the given exchange_name exists, and raise a channel error if not.
declare_s [Netamqp_queue]
Declare a new queue: Create it if the queue does not exist yet, or else check whether the queue exists with the given properties.
declare_s [Netamqp_exchange]
Declare a new exchange: Create it if the exchange does not exist yet, or else check whether the exchange exists with the given properties.
decode_header_message [Netamqp_methods_0_9]
decode_longstr [Netamqp_rtypes]
decode_message [Netamqp_methods_0_9]
decode_method_message [Netamqp_methods_0_9]
decode_shortstr [Netamqp_rtypes]
decode_table [Netamqp_rtypes]
default_port [Netamqp_endpoint]
Default port number for AMQP
delete_e [Netamqp_queue]
delete_e [Netamqp_exchange]
delete_s [Netamqp_queue]
This function deletes the queue.
delete_s [Netamqp_exchange]
Delete an exchange.
direct [Netamqp_exchange]
disable_channel [Netamqp_endpoint]
Enable/disable channels.
disconnect [Netamqp_endpoint]
Requests an orderly disconnect.
drop_frames [Netamqp_endpoint]
Request to drop any incoming frames (to be used after having received the connection.close method)

eff_max_frame_size [Netamqp_endpoint]
These two function talk to the transport, see Netampq_transport.amqp_multiplex_controller
enable [Netamqp_endpoint.Debug]
enable [Netamqp_transport.Debug]
Enables Netlog-style debugging
enable_channel [Netamqp_endpoint]
encode_body_message [Netamqp_methods_0_9]
encode_header_message [Netamqp_methods_0_9]
encode_heartbeat_message [Netamqp_methods_0_9]
encode_longstr [Netamqp_rtypes]
encode_message [Netamqp_methods_0_9]
encode_method_message [Netamqp_methods_0_9]
encode_proto_header_message [Netamqp_methods_0_9]
encode_shortstr [Netamqp_rtypes]
encode_table [Netamqp_rtypes]
endpoint [Netamqp_channel]
Return the endpoint the channel uses
endpoint [Netamqp_connection]
Return the endpoint the connection uses
event_system [Netamqp_channel]
Return the event system the channel uses
event_system [Netamqp_connection]
Return the event system the connection uses
event_system [Netamqp_endpoint]
Return the event system the endpoint uses
expect_eof [Netamqp_endpoint]
Instruct the endpoint not to generate an Netamqp_types.Unexpected_eof exception when EOF is seen from the server

fanout [Netamqp_exchange]
flow_control [Netamqp_endpoint]
Requests that the flow is enabled (true) or disabled (false) for a certain channel.

get_e [Netamqp_basic]
get_s [Netamqp_basic]
Fetches a message synchronously from the queue.
get_timeout [Netamqp_endpoint]
Return the configured timeout value
getpeername [Netamqp_endpoint]
Get the names of the own socket and the peer socket, resp.
getsockname [Netamqp_endpoint]

headers [Netamqp_exchange]

is_channel_enabled [Netamqp_endpoint]
Whether a channel is enabled
is_open [Netamqp_channel]
Whether a channel is open.
is_open [Netamqp_connection]
The connection is first open after the open handshake has been completed, i.e.

listen_for_errors [Netamqp_endpoint]
Defines an error listener.

mk_mstring [Netamqp_rtypes]

number [Netamqp_channel]
Return the channel number

on_deliver [Netamqp_basic]
Registers a handler so that cb is called back whenever a message is delivered to the client.
on_return [Netamqp_basic]
Registers a handler so that cb is called back whenever a message is returned to the client.
open_e [Netamqp_channel]
Opens a channel on this connection.
open_e [Netamqp_connection]
Opens a connection: The endpoint is instructed to connect on the transport level, to negotiate protocol parameters, and to authenticate the client.
open_next_e [Netamqp_channel]
open_next_s [Netamqp_channel]
Opens a channel, and chooses the channel number automatically.
open_s [Netamqp_channel]
Same as synchronous call
open_s [Netamqp_connection]
Same as synchronous function

plain_auth [Netamqp_connection]
plain_auth username password: use PLAIN authentication.
propagate_error [Netamqp_endpoint]
Propagate the exception to handlers and engines.
protocol [Netamqp_endpoint]
Return the protocol
publish_e [Netamqp_basic]
publish_s [Netamqp_basic]
Publishes the passed message.
purge_e [Netamqp_queue]
purge_s [Netamqp_queue]
This function removes all messages from a queue which are not awaiting acknowledgment.

qos_e [Netamqp_basic]
qos_s [Netamqp_basic]
Sets the quality of service for the channel (or the whole connection if global=true).
quick_disconnect [Netamqp_endpoint]
A quick disconnect proceeds faster than an orderly disconnect.

read_string_uint2 [Netamqp_rtypes]
read_string_uint2_unsafe [Netamqp_rtypes]
read_uint2 [Netamqp_rtypes]
read_uint2_unsafe [Netamqp_rtypes]
recover_e [Netamqp_basic]
recover_s [Netamqp_basic]
Redeliver all unacknowledged messages on a specified channel.
register_async_s2c [Netamqp_endpoint]
Asynchronous calls from the server: Registers that the callback function is called when the server sends a method of the given type.
register_sync_s2c [Netamqp_endpoint]
Synchronous calls initiated by the server: Registers that the callback function is called when the server sends a method of the given type.
reject_e [Netamqp_basic]
reject_s [Netamqp_basic]
Rejects a message (instead of acknowledging it).
reset [Netamqp_endpoint]
Turns the endpoint off again.
responses_of_method [Netamqp_methods_0_9]
rollback_e [Netamqp_tx]
rollback_s [Netamqp_tx]
Rolls the current transaction back and starts a new one

select_e [Netamqp_tx]
select_s [Netamqp_tx]
Selects transactions for this channel
set_max_frame_size [Netamqp_endpoint]
state [Netamqp_endpoint]
Reports the connection state
state_change_e [Netamqp_endpoint]
The engine finishes at the next state change.
string_of_frame_type [Netamqp_types]
string_of_method_id [Netamqp_methods_0_9]
string_of_method_type [Netamqp_methods_0_9]
string_of_sockaddr [Netamqp_transport]
Convert to string, for debugging purposes
suggest_channel [Netamqp_endpoint]
Suggests a channel number
sync_c2s_e [Netamqp_channel]
sync_c2s_e [Netamqp_endpoint]
sync_c2s_s [Netamqp_channel]
Works very much like Netamqp_endpoint.sync_c2s_e, but the channel_obj can be passed, and the right timeout handling is done for this channel.
sync_c2s_s [Netamqp_endpoint]
Synchronous calls initiated by the client: Calls the argument method and waits for the right reply method.
system [Netamqp_exchange]
The five standard exchange types.

tcp_amqp_multiplex_controller [Netamqp_transport]
The multiplex controller for stream encapsulation
tls_session_props [Netamqp_endpoint]
TLS session properties
topic [Netamqp_exchange]
type_of_method [Netamqp_methods_0_9]

uint2_as_string [Netamqp_rtypes]
unbind_e [Netamqp_queue]
unbind_s [Netamqp_queue]
Remove a binding.
unsafe_rev_concat [Netamqp_rtypes]

write_uint2 [Netamqp_rtypes]
write_uint2_unsafe [Netamqp_rtypes]
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