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Module Ftp_client.Action

module Action: sig .. end

type plan 
type action = plan -> unit 
val ftp_state : plan -> Ftp_client.ftp_state
Returns the ftp_state at the beginning of the plan
val execute : onreply:(Ftp_client.ftp_state -> Ftp_client.reply -> unit) ->
onerror:(Ftp_client.ftp_state -> Ftp_client.reply -> unit) ->
Ftp_client.ftp_client_pi -> action -> unit
Executes the action for the given client PI. If the normal execution path is taken, finally onreply is called once. If the error execution path is taken, finally onerror is called once.
val empty : action
Do nothing
val command : Ftp_client.cmd -> action
Execute the command
val dyn_command : (unit -> Ftp_client.cmd) -> action
Execute the computed command
val seq2 : action ->
action -> action
Do the two actions in turn
val full_seq2 : action ->
(Ftp_client.reply -> action) -> action
Do the first action, then get the second action using the reply of the first action.
val seq : action list -> action
Do the list of actions in turn
val expect : Ftp_client.cmd_state -> action -> action
If the execution of the action yields the passed state, continue normally, otherwise treat the situation as error
val seq2_case : action ->
(Ftp_client.cmd_state * action) list ->
Do the first action, then check the resulting command state. The matching second action is executed. If no second action matches, the situation is treated as error
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