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Module Netcgi1_compat.Netcgi_env

module Netcgi_env: sig .. end

type input_mode = [ `Standard ] 
This is not used anywhere. Moreover this is protocol dependent.
type input_state = [ `Received_body
| `Received_header
| `Receiving_body
| `Receiving_header
| `Start ]
This is not the business of the user. Rather than to document #set_input_state as such, we prefer not to allow the user to have access to it at the first place...
type output_mode = [ `Standard ] 
This is not used anywhere. Moreover "non-parsed header" is not supported by all connectors.
type output_state = [ `End
| `Sending_body
| `Sending_header
| `Sending_part_body
| `Sending_part_header
| `Sent_body
| `Sent_header
| `Sent_part_body
| `Sent_part_header
| `Start ]
This is not the business of the user. In the new API, it is handled transparently.
type protocol_version = Nethttp.protocol_version 
type protocol_attribute = Nethttp.protocol_attribute 
type protocol = Nethttp.protocol 
type workaround = [ `Work_around_MSIE_Content_type_bug | `Work_around_backslash_bug ] 
The Work_around_ part has been dropped as it is clear at the spot of use.

type cgi_config = {
   tmp_directory : string;
   tmp_prefix : string;
   permitted_http_methods : string list; (*Now has type [`GET | `HEAD | `POST | `DELETE | `PUT] list for coherence with Netcgi.cgi#request_method.*)
   permitted_input_content_types : string list;
   input_content_length_limit : int;
   workarounds : workaround list;
Now simply called Netcgi.config.
val default_config : cgi_config
val of_compat_config : cgi_config -> Netcgi.config
Portage: of_compat_config c transform the old configuration c into one suitable for the new interface.
val to_compat_config : Netcgi.config -> cgi_config
Portage: to_compat_config c transform the new configuration c into one suitable for the old interface.
class type cgi_environment = object .. end
val to_compat_environment : Netcgi.cgi_environment -> cgi_environment
Portage: to_compat_environment e converts the new environment e to the old interface.
val of_compat_environment : cgi_environment -> Netcgi.cgi_environment
Portage: of_compat_environment e converts the old environment e to the new interface.
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