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Module Netcgi1_compat

module Netcgi1_compat: sig .. end
Deprecated.Use the new API instead.
Compatibility module with the previous version of Netcgi.

Opening this module allows a project using the old Netcgi_env and Netcgi_types to compile with minor changes. For documentation, please see the original modules (in the netcgi1 directory). If you are a first time user or start a new project, do not use this module.

Functions that are useful to migrate a project are emphasized with "Portage:". Some comments accompany the functions that changed to give some motivation for the new API. (It is useful to refer to the old documentation to understand everything.)

Version: $Id: netcgi_compat.mli,v 1.7 2005/11/04 00:53:05 chris_77 Exp $

exception Not_implemented of string
Raised by some functions/exceptions when a feature of the old model cannot be implemented in the new model or vice versa
module Netcgi_env: sig .. end
module Netcgi_types: sig .. end
module Netcgi: sig .. end
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