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Class type Netcgi1_compat.Netcgi_types.cgi_argument

class type cgi_argument = object .. end
Portage: In addition to defining a type, the following cgi_argument also defines a conversion function that allows to connect old scripts to the new infrastructure. Finalizing cgi_argument a will also finalize a.

method name : string
method value : string
method open_value_rd : unit -> Netchannels.in_obj_channel
method ro : bool
Irrelevant: there are no methods to mutate an argument.
method store : store
method content_type : string
method content_type_params : (string * Mimestring.s_param) list
Method content_type : unit -> string * (string * Mimestring.s_param) list defined instead of content_type and content_type_params to be coherent with Netmime.mime_header_ro -- yet as easy to use.
method charset : string
method filename : string option
method representation : representation
method finalize : unit -> unit
method set_value : string -> unit
Dealing with the arguments is the task of an higher order library. In fact, it is generally misleading to think arguments as mutable because one must accomodate the back button -- so cache, history,... will use the "initial args". Moreover, the only place where mutability is interesting is the #url method which -- as already remarked -- can be dealt with in a purely functional way.

The new interface contains commodity functions to update lists of arguments (see Netcgi.Argument).

method open_value_wr : unit -> Netchannels.out_obj_channel
See #set_value.
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