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Class type Netcgi1_compat.Netcgi_types.cgi_activation

class type cgi_activation = object .. end
Portage: In addition to defining a type, the following cgi_activation also defines a conversion function that allows to connect old scripts to the new infrastructure. Renamed simply cgi as this is the main cgi-like abstraction.

method environment : Netcgi1_compat.Netcgi_env.cgi_environment
method request_method : request_method
method initial_arguments : (string * cgi_argument) list
method initial_argument : string -> cgi_argument
method initial_argument_value : ?default:string -> string -> string
method initial_multiple_argument : string -> cgi_argument list
method arguments : (string * cgi_argument) list
Mutability of arguments has been dropped. We indeed believe that how to deal with arguments is the role of a higher level library, so it is unconvenient that they are mutable (force copying even if unecessary). Netcgi.Argument has a few helper functions to help manipulating lists of immutable arguments. Moreover, mutable arguments send the wrong message to the user (imagine one wants to keep a cache of args -> response) and unnecessarily complicate the interface.

It has type argument list as the name is redundant and this is better suited for the Netcgi.query_string_spec optional arguments.

method argument : string -> cgi_argument
method argument_value : ?default:string -> string -> string
method multiple_argument : string -> cgi_argument list
method set_arguments : ?fin:bool -> cgi_argument list -> unit
method update_argument : ?fin:bool -> cgi_argument -> unit
method update_multiple_argument : ?fin:bool -> cgi_argument list -> unit
method delete_argument : ?fin:bool -> string -> unit
method url : ?protocol:Netcgi1_compat.Netcgi_env.protocol ->
?with_authority:other_url_spec ->
?with_script_name:other_url_spec ->
?with_path_info:other_url_spec ->
?with_query_string:query_string_spec ->
unit -> string
method output : Netchannels.trans_out_obj_channel favor of out_channel for coherence with the standard library --- this is also to avoid cgi#output#output ... which looks odd.
method set_header : ?status:status ->
?content_type:string ->
?cache:cache_control ->
?filename:string ->
?language:string ->
?script_type:string ->
?style_type:string ->
?set_cookie:cgi_cookie list ->
?fields:(string * string list) list -> unit -> unit
Added ?content_length for user convenience and deprecated ?set_cookie in favor of ?set_cookies for coherence e.g. with ?fields.
method set_redirection_header : string -> unit
method finalize : unit -> unit
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