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Class type Nethttpd_reactor.http_processor_config

class type http_processor_config = object .. end
method config_timeout_next_request : float
Timeout in seconds to wait for the next request after the previous one has been completely received. (-1) means no timeout.
method config_timeout : float
General timeout for network I/O (per I/O primitive). (-1) means no timeout.
method config_cgi : Netcgi.config
The CGI configuration to use in the Netcgi environment
method config_error_response : Nethttpd_types.error_response_params -> string
Get HTML error text for the HTTP status code. Must return a generic text for unknown codes.
method config_log_error : Nethttpd_types.request_info -> string -> unit
config_log_error info msg: Log the message msg. Information about the request can be taken from info. The request may only be partially available - be prepared that info methods raise Not_found.
method config_log_access : Nethttpd_types.full_info -> unit
Logs the access after the request/response cycle is complete.

The cgi_properties are from the environment. As there is no automatic way of recording the last, finally used version of this list, it is required that users call log_props of the extended environment whenever the properties are updated. This is done by all Nethttpd modules.

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