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Class type Netmime.mime_body_ro

class type mime_body_ro = object .. end
This is the read-only version of a MIME body. There are only methods to read the body contents.

The value of the body can be returned either as string, or as object channel. Both ways are possible independently of where the value is stored, in-memory, or as external file.

method value : string
The value method returns the _decoded_ body, i.e. transfer encodings are removed before the value is passed back.

When the body is stored in an external file, this method reads the complete file into memory.

method store : store
Where the body is actually stored.
method open_value_rd : unit -> Netchannels.in_obj_channel
Opens the value for reading. This works independently of where the body is stored. For example, to read the body line by line:
 let ch = body # open_value_rd () in
   while true do
     let line = ch # input_line() in
     ... (* do something *)
   assert false; (* never reached *)
   End_of_file ->
     ch # close_in()

As value, this method returns the value in decoded form. This method is quite economical with the resources, and takes only as much memory as needed for the channel operations.

method finalize : unit -> unit
After the body has been finalized, it cannot be accessed any longer. External resources (files) are deallocated, if they are seen as temporary.
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