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Class type Netmime.mime_header

class type mime_header = object .. end
A MIME header with both read and write method. It is still possible, however, to set the read-only flag to make this kind of header immutable, too.
method ro : bool
whether the header is read-only or not
method set_fields : (string * string) list -> unit
method update_field : string -> string -> unit
method update_multiple_field : string -> string list -> unit
method delete_field : string -> unit
These methods modify the fields of the header. If the header is read-only, the exception Immutable will be raised.

set_fields replaces the current fields with a new list of (name,value) pairs. update_field name value replaces all fields of the passed name with the single setting (name,value), or adds this setting to the list. update_multiple_field name values replaces all fields of the passed name with the list of values, or adds this list. Finally, delete_field name deletes all fields of the passed name. Nothing happens if there is no such field.

Both update_field and update_multiple_field first replace existing values by the new ones without changing the order of the fields in the header. Additional values are inserted after the last existing value, or at the end of the header.

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