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Class type Netplex_types.logger

class type logger = object .. end
A logger receives log messages

A logger receives log messages

method log_subch : component:string ->
subchannel:string -> level:level -> message:string -> unit
Receive a log message of level from component. The component string is the name of the socket service emitting the message. Optionally, one can specify a subchannel when a single component needs to write to several log files. For example, a subchannel of "access" could select the access log of a webserver. The main log file is selected by passing the empty string as subchannel.
method log : component:string -> level:level -> message:string -> unit
Same as log_subch when subchannel is set to the empty string. This means that the message is sent to the main log file of the component.
method reopen : unit -> unit
Reopen the log files
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