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Module Netplex_types

module Netplex_types: sig .. end
Types for Netplex

type encap = Netplex_encap.encap 
type param_value = [ `Bool of bool | `Float of float | `Int of int | `String of string ] 
type param_value_or_any = [ `Any of exn
| `Bool of bool
| `Encap of encap
| `Float of float
| `Int of int
| `String of string ]
type level = [ `Alert | `Crit | `Debug | `Emerg | `Err | `Info | `Notice | `Warning ] 
Log levels, modeled after syslog
class type logger = object .. end
A logger receives log messages
type parallelization_type = [ `Controller_attached | `Multi_processing | `Multi_threading ] 
Type of parallelization:
  • `Multi_processing on a single host
  • `Multi_threading on a single host
  • `Controller_attached means that the service runs within the controller. This is (for now) only allowed for controller-internal services.

type thread_sys_id = [ `Process of int | `Thread of int ] 
A system-specific identifier of the thread/process
type socket_state = [ `Disabled | `Down | `Enabled | `Restarting of bool ] 
The state of a socket:
  • `Enabled: The controller allows containers to accept connections. Note that this does not necessarily means that there such containers.
  • `Disabled: It is not allowed to accept new connections. The socket is kept open, however.
  • `Restarting b: The containers are being restarted. The boolean argument says whether the socket will be enabled after that.
  • `Down: The socket is down/closed

type container_id = < socket_service_name : string > 
Such objects identify containers. As additional info, the method socket_service_name returns the name of the socket service the container implements
type container_state = [ `Accepting of int * float | `Busy | `Shutting_down | `Starting of float ] 
The container state for workload management:
  • `Accepting(n,t): The container is accepting further connections. It currently processes n connections. The last connection was accepted at time t (seconds since the epoch).
  • `Busy: The container does not accept connections
  • `Starting t: The container was started at time t and is not yet ready.
  • `Shutting_down: The container is being shutted down.

type capacity = [ `Low_quality of int | `Normal_quality of int | `Unavailable ] 
How many connections a container can accept in addition to the existing connections:
  • `Normal_quality n: It can accept n connections with normal service quality, n > 0
  • `Low_quality n: It can accept n connections with low service quality (e.g. because it is already quite loaded), n > 0
  • `Unavailable: No capacity free

type extended_address = [ `Container of
string * string * string * [ `Any | `Process of int | `Thread of int ]
| `Socket of Unix.sockaddr
| `Socket_file of string
| `W32_pipe of string
| `W32_pipe_file of string ]
Possible addresses:
  • `Socket s: The socket at this socket address
  • `Socket_file f: The file f contains the (anonymous) port number of a socket bound to (This is meant as substitute for Unix Domain sockets on Win32.)
  • `W32_pipe name: The Win32 pipe with this name which must be of the form "\\.\pipe\<pname>"
  • `W32_pipe_file f: The file f contains the (random) name of a Win32 pipe
  • `Container(socket_dir,service_name,proto_name,thread_id): The special endpoint of the container for service_name that is running as thread_id. It is system-dependent what this endpoint "is" in reality, usually a socket or named pipe. If any container of a service is meant, the value `Any is substituted as a placeholder for a not yet known thread_id.

class type controller = object .. end
The controller is the object in the Netplex master process/thread that manages the containers, logging, and service definitions
class type controller_config = object .. end
class type socket_service = object .. end
class type socket_service_config = object .. end
class type protocol = object .. end
class type socket_controller = object .. end
class type ctrl_message_receiver = object .. end
class type processor_hooks = object .. end
Processor hooks can be used to modify the behavior of a processor.
class type processor = object .. end
The processor is the object that is notified when a new TCP connection is accepted.
class type container = object .. end
Containers encapsulate the control flow of the service components.
class type workload_manager = object .. end
See Netplex_workload for definitions of workload managers
class type plugin = object .. end
Plugins are extensions of the Netplex system that run in the controller and can be invoked from containers
class type par_thread = object .. end
class type parallelizer = object .. end
type config_tree = [ `Parameter of address * string * param_value
| `Section of address * string * config_tree list ]
type address = <  > 
class type config_file = object .. end
class type processor_factory = object .. end
class type workload_manager_factory = object .. end
class type logger_factory = object .. end
class type netplex_config = object .. end
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