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Module Rpc

module Rpc: sig .. end
Common types and exceptions

type protocol =
| Tcp (*means: stream-oriented connection*)
| Udp (*means: datagram exchange*)

type mode =
| Socket (*classical server socket*)
| BiPipe (*server is endpoint of a bidirectional pipe*)

type server_error =
| Unavailable_program (*accepted call!*)
| Unavailable_version of (Rtypes.uint4 * Rtypes.uint4) (*accepted call*)
| Unavailable_procedure (*accepted call*)
| Garbage (*accepted call*)
| System_err (*accepted call*)
| Rpc_mismatch of (Rtypes.uint4 * Rtypes.uint4) (*rejected call*)
| Auth_bad_cred (*rejected call*)
| Auth_rejected_cred (*rejected call*)
| Auth_bad_verf (*rejected call*)
| Auth_rejected_verf (*rejected call*)
| Auth_too_weak (*rejected call*)
| Auth_invalid_resp (*rejected call*)
| Auth_failed (*rejected call*)
val string_of_server_error : server_error -> string
returns a string for debug purposes
exception Rpc_server of server_error
an exception generated by the RPC server
exception Rpc_cannot_unpack of string
RPC protocol error (bad data)
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