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Module Rpc_program

module Rpc_program: sig .. end
RPC programs

An RPC server offers its procedures as parts of a "program". Here, the notion of programs is introduced. A program is identified by a program number and a version number. The service of a program is a set of procedures that are described by procedure numbers and signatures. The signature of a procedure is a pair (s,u) of XDR types that should be interpreted as function s -> u. To make work easier, programs are encapsulated as an opaque type t. This data structure can store procedure names in addition to the plain numbers, so you can refer to procedures by their names. But note that these names are only local identifiers that are not transferred in the RPC protocol. The signature can be formulated upon a type system (a set of definitions of type names).
type t 
Type of RPC programs
val create : Rtypes.uint4 ->
Rtypes.uint4 ->
Xdr.xdr_type_system ->
(string * (Rtypes.uint4 * Xdr.xdr_type_term * Xdr.xdr_type_term)) list ->
create program_nr version_nr type_system procedures
val id : t -> int
The ID identifies the program (used in Rpc_client)
val update : ?program_number:Rtypes.uint4 ->
?version_number:Rtypes.uint4 -> t -> t
Modifies program and/or version number. The modified program is returned. The program keeps its identity, i.e. the id function returns the same number.
val program_number : t -> Rtypes.uint4
Return the program number
val version_number : t -> Rtypes.uint4
Return the version number
val null_proc_name : t -> string option
Returns the name of procedure 0 (or None if not found)
val signature : t -> string -> Rtypes.uint4 * Xdr.xdr_type * Xdr.xdr_type

signature p name returns the triple (proc_nr, in_t, out_t) for the procedure name. proc_nr is the procedure number, in_t the argument type and out_t the result type.
val procedure_number : t -> string -> Rtypes.uint4
procedure_number p name returns only the procedure number of the procedure called name.
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