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Module Netsockaddr

module Netsockaddr: sig .. end
Parsing of socket addresses

type socksymbol = [ `Inet of Unix.inet_addr * int
| `Inet_byname of string * int
| `Unix of string ]
Symbolic socket names:

  • `Inet(ip,port): An internet socket with IP ip and the given port
  • `Inet_byname(n,port): An internet socket with the IP resulting from the resolution of the name n, and with the given port
  • `Unix p: A Unix Domain socket with the path p
Use Uq_resolver.sockaddr_of_socksymbol to convert to a Unix.sockaddr (and resolve names).
val socksymbol_of_string : string -> socksymbol
Parses designations of the forms:
  • <IPv4>:port
  • [<IPv4_or_IPv6]:port
  • <name>:port
  • /path
  • ./path
Raises Failure on parse error.
val string_of_socksymbol : socksymbol -> string
The reverse function
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