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Module Uq_resolver

module Uq_resolver: sig .. end
Support for pluggable resolvers

A resolver maps several kinds of names to addresses, or vice versa. Currently, only DNS host lookups are supported (but this can be extended if needed).

The plugin mechanism allows one to change the name resovler Ocamlnet uses. Resolvers can be both synchronous or asynchronous. Note however, that the default resolver is synchronous and simply bases on Unix.gethostbyname.

Requirements of the resolver:

  • IP addresses may be enclosed in square brackets, but also given without such brackets. If such an IP address is passed to the resolver, the string address is just converted to a Unix.inet_addr.

Asynchronous Interface

The following types are the same as in Uq_engines, here only redefined for systematic reasons
type 't engine_state = [ `Aborted | `Done of 't | `Error of exn | `Working of int ] 
class type ['t] engine = object .. end

exception Host_not_found of string
This host cannot be resolved

The type of resolvers:
class type resolver = object .. end

Synchronous Interface

val get_host_by_name : ?resolver:resolver -> string -> Unix.host_entry
Look up the host, and return the host entry or raise the exception Host_not_found.

If a resolver is passed, this resolver is used, otherwise the pluggable resolver is used.

val sockaddr_of_socksymbol : ?resolver:resolver -> Netsockaddr.socksymbol -> Unix.sockaddr
Use the resolver to look up names in Netsockaddr.socksymbol, and convert the symbol to a Unix.sockaddr only containing IP addresses.

If a resolver is passed, this resolver is used, otherwise the pluggable resolver is used.


val default_resolver : unit -> resolver
The default resolver uses Unix.gethostbyname to look up names. Note that this usually means that no IPv6 addresses are returned.
val gai_resolver : ?ipv4:bool -> ?ipv6:bool -> unit -> resolver
This resolver uses Unix.getaddrinfo. One can set whether IPv4 or IPv6 addresses may be returned (only one type is returned). The order of addresses cannot be set, but there is a global config file /etc/

The h_aliases field of the result is not set.

By default, both ipv4 and ipv6 are enabled.


val current_resolver : unit -> resolver
Returns the pluggable resolver
val set_current_resolver : resolver -> unit
Set the pluggable resolver
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