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Class type Rpc_client.auth_protocol

class type auth_protocol = object .. end
An authentication protocol is used for creating an authentication session.

method state : [ `Done of auth_session
| `Emit
| `Error
| `Receive of Rtypes.uint4 ]
The state of the authentication protocol:
  • `Emit: The client needs to emit another token
  • `Receive xid: The client waits for another token (with session identifier xid)
  • `Done session: The protocol is finished and session can be used for authenticating
  • `Error: Something went wrong.

method emit : Rtypes.uint4 -> Rtypes.uint4 -> Rtypes.uint4 -> Rpc_packer.packed_value
Emits a token for this xid, prog_nr and vers_nr. The returned packed value should have been created with Rpc_packer.pack_value. It is possible that emit is called several times with different xid values. In this case, the returned packed value should be identical except that the new xid is included in the message.

After emission, the state must change to `Receive.

method receive : Rpc_packer.packed_value -> unit
Receive a token for the xid announced in state. The passed packed value is the full RPC message. The message may also contain a server error - which may be processed by the protocol, or which may cause the reaction that receive raises an Rpc.Rpc_server exception.

After receive, the state can change to `Emit, `Done or `Error. The latter is obligatory when receive raises an exception. It is also possible not to raise an exception but silently switch to `Error.

Design limitation: there is right now no way to indicate that the next authentication method should be used instead.

method auth_method : auth_method
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