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Class type Rpc_client.auth_session

class type auth_session = object .. end
An auth_session object is normally created for every client instance. It contains the current state of authentication. The methods are only interesting for implementors of authentication methods.

This class type might be revised in the future to allow asynchronous authentication (authentication often uses some network service).

method next_credentials : t ->
Rpc_program.t ->
string ->
Rtypes.uint4 ->
string * string * string * string * Xdr.encoder option * Xdr.decoder option
Called with client prog proc xid. Returns (cred_flavour, cred_data, verifier_flavor, verifier_data, enc_opt, dec_opt).

Changed in Ocamlnet-3.3: Additional arguments prog, proc, xid. New return values enc_opt and dec_opt.

method server_rejects : t -> Rtypes.uint4 -> Rpc.server_error -> reject_code
Called if the server rejects the credentials or the verifier (Auth_xxx). This method indicates how to react on errors.

Changed in Ocamlnet-3.3: Additional arg xid. New return value.

method server_accepts : t -> Rtypes.uint4 -> string -> string -> unit
Called if the server accepts the credentials. The two strings are the returned verifier_flavor and verifier_data. This method may raise Rpc_server Rpc_invalid_resp to indicate that the returned verifier is wrong.

Changed in Ocamlnet-3.3: Additional arg xid

method auth_protocol : auth_protocol
Return the corresponding protocol
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