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Module Uq_datagram

module Uq_datagram: sig .. end


type datagram_type = [ `Inet6_udp | `Inet_udp | `Unix_dgram ] 
- `Unix_dgram: Datagrams over Unix domain sockets
  • `Inet_udp: Internet v4 UDP protocol
  • `Inet6_udp: Internet v6 UDP protocol

class type wrapped_datagram_socket = object .. end
A wrapped_datagram_socket allows datagrams to be sent via proxies.
class type datagram_socket_provider = object .. end
This is a factory for wrapped_datagram_socket objects.
val datagram_provider : ?proxy:#datagram_socket_provider ->
datagram_type ->
Unixqueue.event_system ->
wrapped_datagram_socket Uq_engines.engine
This engine creates a datagram socket as demanded by the datagram_type, optionally using proxy for sending and receiving datagrams.

The socket is unconnected.

The socket is in non-blocking mode, and the close-on-exec flag is set.

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