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Module Nethttpd_reactor

module Nethttpd_reactor: sig .. end

The reactive encapsulation of the HTTP daemon

This is a user-friendlier encapsulation of the HTTP daemon. It uses a "pull model": One pulls HTTP requests from the "reactor" one after the other. Request/response pairs have a common environment that represents the input and output facilities. Input and output are realised by Netchannels, and the implementation details are completely hidden.

This encapsulation can be easily used in a multi-threaded environment when for every arriving HTTP connection a separate thread is used.

class type http_processor_config = object .. end
val default_http_processor_config : http_processor_config

Default configuration: Extends Nethttpd_kernel.default_http_protocol_config with

class modify_http_processor_config : ?modify_http_protocol_config:Nethttpd_kernel.http_protocol_config -> Nethttpd_kernel.http_protocol_config -> ?config_timeout_next_request:float -> ?config_timeout:float -> ?config_cgi:Netcgi.config -> ?config_error_response:Nethttpd_types.error_response_params -> string -> ?config_log_error:Nethttpd_types.request_info -> string -> unit -> ?config_log_access:Nethttpd_types.full_info -> unit -> ?config_tls_cert_props:bool -> ?config_tls_remote_user:bool -> http_processor_config -> http_processor_config

Modifies the passed config object as specified by the optional arguments.

class type http_reactor_config = object .. end
val default_http_reactor_config : http_reactor_config

Default configuration: Extends Nethttpd_reactor.default_http_processor_config with

  • config_reactor_synch = `Write
class modify_http_reactor_config : ?modify_http_protocol_config:Nethttpd_kernel.http_protocol_config -> Nethttpd_kernel.http_protocol_config -> ?modify_http_processor_config:http_processor_config ->
http_processor_config -> ?config_reactor_synch:[ `Close | `Connection | `Flush | `Write ] -> http_reactor_config ->

Modifies the passed config object as specified by the optional arguments.

class type internal_environment = object .. end

For private use only

class http_environment : #http_processor_config -> string -> string -> Nethttp.protocol -> Nethttp.http_header -> Unix.sockaddr -> Unix.sockaddr -> Netchannels.in_obj_channel -> int64 Stdlib.ref -> Netchannels.out_obj_channel -> Nethttpd_types.output_state Stdlib.ref -> Nethttpd_kernel.http_response -> (unit -> unit) -> bool Stdlib.ref -> int64 -> Nettls_support.tls_session_props option -> internal_environment

For private use only

class type http_reactive_request = object .. end
class http_reactor : ?config_hooks:Nethttpd_kernel.http_protocol_hooks -> unit -> #http_reactor_config -> Unix.file_descr -> object .. end

The http_reactor allows one to pull the next request from a connected client, and to deliver the response to the protocol engine.

val process_connection : ?config_hooks:(Nethttpd_kernel.http_protocol_hooks -> unit) ->
#http_reactor_config ->
Unix.file_descr -> 'a Nethttpd_types.http_service -> unit

Processes all HTTP requests in turn arriving at the file descriptor, and calls the service provider for every request. Finally, the descriptor is closed.

All stages of HTTP processing, as defined by the service provider, are executed in the current thread.

Any exceptions are caught and logged. The connection is immediately closed in this case.


module Debug: sig .. end
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