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Module Netmech_scram_http

module Netmech_scram_http: sig .. end

SCRAM for HTTP (prerelease)

Implements SCRAM-SHA-256 and SCRAM-SHA-1 as described in

Restarts are not yet covered.

As long as the RFC isn't released yet, this should be considered as experimental work.

module SCRAM = Netmech_scram_http.Make_SCRAM(Netmech_scram_http.SHA_256)
let h = new Nethttp_client.generic_auth_handlers keys [ (module SCRAM) ]
let p = new Nethttp_client.pipeline
p # add_auth_handler h
module type PROFILE = sig .. end
module Make_SCRAM: 
module SHA_256: PROFILE 

SCRAM-SHA-256 where only the server authenticates the client

module SHA_256_mutual: PROFILE 

SCRAM-SHA-256 where additionally also the client checks that the server knows the credentials.

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