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Module Netmech_scram_sasl

module Netmech_scram_sasl: sig .. end

SCRAM as SASL mechanism

This module needs the SHA-1 hash function. In order to use it, initialize crypto support, e.g. by including the nettls-gnutls packages and calling Nettls_gnutls.init.

As for all SASL mechanisms in OCamlnet, SASLprep is not automatically called. Users of SCRAM should pass user names and passwords through Netsaslprep.saslprep.

module type PROFILE = sig .. end

The profile sets some basic parameters.

module SHA1: PROFILE 

Uses SHA-1 as hash function.


Same as Netmech_scram_sasl.SHA1, only that the mechanism name is "SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS"

module SHA256: PROFILE 

Uses SHA-256 as hash function.

module SHA256_PLUS: PROFILE 

Same as Netmech_scram_sasl.SHA256, only that the mechanism name is "SCRAM-SHA-256-PLUS"

module SCRAM: 

Create a new SCRAM SASL mechanism for this profile.

module SCRAM_SHA1: Netsys_sasl_types.SASL_MECHANISM 

SCRAM with SHA1 profile

module SCRAM_SHA1_PLUS: Netsys_sasl_types.SASL_MECHANISM 

SCRAM with SHA1_PLUS profile

module SCRAM_SHA256: Netsys_sasl_types.SASL_MECHANISM 

SCRAM with SHA256 profile

module SCRAM_SHA256_PLUS: Netsys_sasl_types.SASL_MECHANISM 

SCRAM with SHA256_PLUS profile

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