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Class type Netplex_types.socket_service

class type socket_service = object .. end

method name : string

The name of the socket_service is used to identify the service in the whole netplex process cluster. Names are hierarchical; name components are separated by dots (e.g. "company.product.service"). The prefix "netplex." is reserved for use by Netplex. The name "netplex.controller" refers to the service provided by the controller.

method sockets : (string * Unix.file_descr array) list

A socket_service consists of a list of supported protocols which are identified by a name. Every protocol is available on a list of sockets (which may be bound to different addresses). The sockets corresponding to `Container addresses are missing here.

method internal_sockets : (string * polyserver_box) list

The internal sockets for internal services: pairs of (protocol,server)

method socket_service_config : socket_service_config

The configuration

method processor : processor

A user-supplied object to process incoming connections

method shutdown : unit -> unit

Shuts down the master sockets

method create_container : parallelization_type ->
socket_service -> container

Internal method. Called by the controller to create a new container. The container must match the parallelization type of the controller. This call is already done in the process/thread provided for the container.

method on_add : controller -> unit

Get some runtime configuration aspects from this controller. This is called when the socket service is added to the controller

method startup_directory : string

The current directory at Netplex startup time (same view as controller)

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