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Class type Netplex_types.workload_manager

class type workload_manager = object .. end

See Netplex_workload for definitions of workload managers

method hello : controller -> unit

Called by the controller when the service is added

method shutdown : unit -> unit

Called by the controller to notify the manager about a shutdown

method adjust : socket_service -> socket_controller -> unit

This function is called by the controller at certain events to adjust the number of available containers. The manager can call start_containers and stop_containers to change the system.

The function is called right after the startup to ensure that there are containers to serve requests. It is also called:

  • just after a connection has been accepted and before it is decided which container will have the chance to accept in the round
  • after the shutdown of a container

Of course, the workload manager is free to adjust the load at any other time, too, not only when adjust is called.

method capacity : container_id ->
container_state -> capacity

Computes the capacity, i.e. the number of jobs a certain container can accept in addition to the existing load.

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