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Module Rpc_auth_local

module Rpc_auth_local: sig .. end

val server_auth_method : unit -> Rpc_server.auth_method

Return the authentication method AUTH_LOCAL.

Note that you need another authentication method that operates at message level (like AUTH_NONE, AUTH_SYS, AUTH_DH), otherwise you will get an error Auth_too_weak. AUTH_LOCAL overrides the result of the other authentication method.

val get_peer_credentials : Unix.file_descr -> int * int

Return the pair (euid,egid) for a Unix domain socket. The function raises Invalid_argument if it is not available for this operating system. (Generally, this should work on Linux, BSD, and Solaris, and OS with compatible system functions - supported methods are SO_PEERCRED, getpeerucred, and getpeereid).

Some OS support this only for named Unix domain sockets but not for socketpairs.

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