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Module Uq_server

module Uq_server: sig .. end

Server sockets

type listen_address = [ `Socket of Uq_engines.sockspec * listen_options
| `W32_pipe of Netsys_win32.pipe_mode * string * listen_options ]

Specifies the resource to listen on:

  • `Socket(addr,opts): It is listened on a socket with address addr
  • `W32_pipe(mode,name,opts): It is listened on a pipe server with name which accepts pipe connections in mode.
type listen_options = Uq_engines.listen_options = {
   lstn_backlog : int; (*

The length of the queue of not yet accepted connections.

   lstn_reuseaddr : bool; (*

Whether to allow that the address can be immediately reused after the previous listener has its socket shut down. (Only for Internet sockets.)

val default_listen_options : listen_options

Returns the default options

val listen_on_inet_socket : Unix.inet_addr ->
int -> Unix.socket_type -> listen_options -> Unix.file_descr

listen_on_inet_socket addr port stype opts: Creates a TCP or UDP server socket for IPv4 or IPv6, depending on the type of address. The socket is listening.

As special cases, the addresses "::1" and "::" are always understood even if IPv6 is not avaiable, and treated as the corresponding IPv4 addresses ( and, resp.) instead.

val listen_on_unix_socket : string -> Unix.socket_type -> listen_options -> Unix.file_descr

listen_on_unix_socket path stype opts: Creates a Unix Domain server socket for the given path. The socket is listening.

On Win32, Unix Domain sockets are emulated by opening an Internet socket on the loopback interface, and by writing the port number to path.

val listen_on_w32_pipe : Netsys_win32.pipe_mode ->
string -> listen_options -> Unix.file_descr

listen_on_w32_pipe mode path opts: Creates a Win32 pipe server and returns the proxy descriptor.

val listen_on : listen_address -> Unix.file_descr

listen_on addr: Creates a server endpoint for addr

class type server_endpoint_acceptor = object .. end

This class type is for service providers that listen for connections.

class direct_acceptor : ?close_on_shutdown:bool -> ?preclose:unit -> unit -> Unix.file_descr -> Unixqueue.event_system -> server_endpoint_acceptor

An implementation of server_endpoint_acceptor for sockets and Win32 named pipes.

val listener : ?proxy:#Uq_engines.server_endpoint_listener ->
listen_address ->
Unixqueue.event_system ->
server_endpoint_acceptor Uq_engines.engine

This engine creates a server socket listening on the listen_address. If passed, the proxy is used to create the server socket.

On success, the engine goes to state `Done acc, where acc is the acceptor object (see above). The acceptor object can be used to accept incoming connections.

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